Lunistice – Lunistice Title Screen [Sounds that make me look back]

It's hard to put into words how this brief song makes me feel. I feel nostalgic, melancholic, but hopeful for the future. It takes me back to high school where the future was just as frightening as it was full of opportunity and wonder.

It was the feeling of not having figured it all out yet. All while words of encouragement and warning bombarded your ears from every direction. It truly felt like the beginning of a new journey, a new life. The future was coming. It was imminent. You couldn't look off into the distance to see it anymore, a couple of years and you'd be out the door and on your way.

Lunistice reminds me of the wonder, ambition, and terror I felt during this time. The time the dial of my life had begun turning so much faster. The time when I felt people were sending me off to a war. To literally fight for my life.

This track takes me back.

Listen to it below:

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